The Leadership Lexington Fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation

Leadership Lexington is a leadership development program sponsored by Commerce Lexington Inc. and directed toward individuals who demonstrate leadership qualities. The program gives participants the opportunity to better understand our city and to prepare for the challenges it faces by meeting with and learning from today’s leaders. Leadership Lexington is an educational opportunity that broadens perspectives and allows participants to gain increased understanding of community dynamics and public issues.

One crucial component of the Leadership Lexington experience is participation in community projects. The class projects are the crucible where participants practice and apply leadership skills in a small-group experience, work with community leaders, gain an in-depth understanding of a community organization and/or community need, and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Leadership Lexington has an expenditure fund at the Bluegrass Community Foundation that can be used to assist groups while running projects. As a 501 (C)(3) entity, individuals or corporations can provide project sponsorships with a tax deductible benefit through this foundation.

Companies or individuals can make the check payable to the Blue Grass Community Foundation. Please put the name of the “PROJECT” in the memo line. This is to assure that the money will be earmarked for the particular project to which you would like to donate. Send the check to: Commerce Lexington, 330 E. Main St., 40507, attn: Leadership Lexington.

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