Changing the conversation about horse racing to protect its future.

America’s horse racing industry is in perception crisis. 

As the number of Americans who regard horse racing negatively increases, its future is under threat. 

That’s why Light Up Racing was born.

We want to empower participants with the knowledge and confidence to engage in meaningful conversations with the concerned public and external media, and provide the information needed to make informed decisions that prioritize equine safety. 

By fostering industry unity, we will actively work towards driving positive change and pushing for best practice adoption.

To learn more about Light Up Racing and our mission, please visit

Donate to the Light Up Racing Fund

We are grateful that you have decided to support the Light Up Racing Fund. Contributions to Light Up Racing are tax deductible, pursuant to rules of 501c3 contributions, thanks to the fiscal sponsorship of Blue Grass Community Foundation (BGCF).

To make a contribution, please use the donation section below, or send a physical check to BGCF at:

Blue Grass Community Foundation | Attn: Light Up Racing Fund | 499 E. High Street, Ste. 112, Lexington, KY 40507

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